rosso er en bruker på Du kan følge dem eller kommunisere med dem hvis du har en konto hvor som helst i fediverset. Hvis du ikke har en konto så kan du registrere deg her.


Well, I reckon that's it then.

rosso fremhevde

The picture I post this time is not of a #keyboard, or at least, that is not the most interesting part of it. It is about the cone shaped keycaps. They look beautiful. Sadly, I have no idea what kind of keyboard or keycaps these are. If anyone does, please let me know! The original source dubbed the picture "Corona".


Y'know, Trump doesn't seem as mad as they say.

If he was a genuine nut case, he'd be digging up the Pyramids, to find UFO technology.

Or building a Moon Base, with a Laser Weapon, to ward off Aliens.

Or getting Boffins to engineer Teleporting Sentry Scarecrows.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to recommend a Dystopian sci-fi film.

I've seen a few - so I'm hoping for some unknown, low budget, high concept, independent release.

But all suggestions gratefully received.

rosso fremhevde

Street name is Barnyard Walrus, It's made from blue cheese and Ambien. Found this dude in Central Park wearin' a vinyl bikini giving himself a tattoo of E.T. in drag.

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If I set my mind to it, I think I might be able to do a solid Phish / King Crimson mashup if I get myself in that headspace at some point after this datacenter build is running.

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Street name is Gutter Whimpers. Kids try it at parties, next thing they know they're at a Daoist temple gettin' paid to shadow box with barbers.


Full time.

Great win ladies!

Engirland 6 - Scotland 0


4 nil.. !

Taylor with a hat trick...

Engirland 4 - Scotland 0


And while I was helping re-string an acoustic guitar....

Engirland score twice more!

England 3 - Scotland 0


rosso fremhevde


Absolutely the *same* as Magical Hens. As long as you continue to have faith and trust in Magical Hens.


Engirland 1

Scotland 0

Well done girls...


Here's a moment of TV gold, the like of which we probably will never see again...

Hank Kingsley meets the Wu Tang Clan

rosso fremhevde

bloody love women's football

so excited for England - Scotland

Add to my list of mysteries beyond my comprehension:

Digital Money.

The best I can make out is that it's like magic beans, that the village idiot incredibly has made grow into a giant Golden Hen lay lays puddles of diamonds.

Engirland, Engirland, Engirland!

All the best ladies.


Must remember to try out that Firefox plugin that was boosted earlier.

I love installing stuff.

I don't even know that I have Firefox to be honest.

I used to live on it in the past.

But bit by bit all the groovy UI tweaks broke and the developers/artists couldn't work with it and abandoned it.

I had a nice email from one, she said no, I wasn't mad in wanting something nice on the eye that your working on all day.

But it was beyond her powers to support her now redundant, software.



Nearly forgot, although I did give a mention, nice to see the word, 'svelte,' being used.

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