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My stance on immigration: I don't mind having guests, but I don't like it when they vandalise the house.

This is what I mean when I say that immigrants are using dirty tactics to put restaurants run by Norwegians out of business:


NRK is the Norwegian state broadcaster, so this isn't some extreme-right news source.

How can you compete with practices like these as a legitimate Norwegian restaurant owner?

Many pro-EU arguments sound like this to me: "An EU membership removes trade barriers X, Y and Z that the EU helped erect to begin with, but we're not going to admit that."
I feel we're seeing it very clearly with Brexit. Because leaving the EU is supposed to be bad, the EU has to go out of its way to make life difficult for the UK. Such tactics are more commonly found in cults and organised crime.

I nyhetene nå: Stasjonsmester Tidemann har blitt Trumps sikkerhetsrådgiver.

I made this beat that mixes bebop, house and disco that I don't know what to do with: thj.no/personal/dreams.mp3
I tried playing some saxophone over it, but I have no control over the instrument yet, so I gave up the attempt. Anyone wanna contribute a solo to this?

I think I’ve just accidentally invented cyber camp fire

The grassroot in Norway is furious after the parliament voted yes to Acer, an energy union with the EU. One of Norway's big assets is green hydropower. It's not that Acer will have terrible consequences, but rather that our politicians always do what the EU wants, despite having the right to veto pretty much everything through the EEA agreement. Norwegians fought hard for their sovereignty and aren't pleased to see it given away to bureaucrats in Brussels.

Yesterday the @Krita team released version 4.0 of their free and open source painting software. Did you know that you can support the development of this application on Liberapay? liberapay.com/Krita

I don't think I've ever been so stuck in a quagmire on a programming job before. I have an accordion list and I'm trying to get drag and drop working properly in it, but I feel terribly restrained by the front-end stack, which doesn't seem to be designed for this at all. The junior devs came up with a shoddy solution for it that doesn't stand up to basic testing, because that's all they could manage given their constraints.

Angular Material leaves me underwhelmed. If you start looking at the visual constructs permitted in Material Design, you quickly find that Angular Material only permits a subset of them. For example, no rule states that the items in a selection list can't contain icons, but Angular Material doesn't support this, and you have to circumvent it with flexboxes and negative margins. Customers don't care about these rules, so you end up hacking it for production.

Angular's API reference is a hair's breadth away from being a collection of class declarations. Having it be searchable on Google with the method bodies stripped out is better than nothing, but good documentation it is not. For example, AbstractControl, a rather central class in Angular, doesn't tell you what the `value` field is. I had to learn from one of my coworkers that it contains the POJO data model. I would reject a framework on this alone, because it encourages cargo cult programming.

Replacement candidates for the Norwegian justice minister position. The second chap from the left doesn't look very excited about it.

My journey to and from work essentially takes me past the poshest parts of Oslo, from the Aker Brygge seaside promenade to Nationaltheatret through to the Stortinget parliament building.

Aker, from Old Norse ákr (field, acre), is the name of an old Oslo parish. The name occurs frequently in the Oslo region. Examples include Akershus fylke ("Acre's House County"), Akerselva ("The Acre's River") and Akershus festning ("Acre's House Fortress", pictured).

Another work day is over. I finished the last episode of the six-part miniseries on the history of the Rolling Stone magazine that I've slowly been watching for the past weeks. It's close to 9 PM. Tomorrow's Friday. As usual, I have no plans for the weekend, nor do I have any plans for the public holiday that's coming up next week. I dream of staying at a small old charming family-run inn by the seaside, preferably somewhere warm and sunny. Do places like that even exist?

There are two lions in front of the Norwegian parliament building. They were sculpted by prisoner Gulbrand Eriksen Mørstad who was awaiting a death sentence in the late 19th century. He was eventually pardoned for his work on the sculptures after having it rejected 3 times.

I belong to the Norwegian middle class. Free trade agreements (including the EU) are neither detrimental nor beneficial to me, because I'm not directly affected by them. However, given a choice, I will favour what benefits the working class and small businesses. FTAs favour the elites; large multinationals, politicians and the wealthy are the primary beneficiaries of these types of agreements. Therefore, I'm in favour reducing Norway's commitments to the EU.