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⚒️Thor, the Norseman⚒️ @thor

Pictures taken within a 30 minute drive of my parents' house, in Porsanger, Norway. I'm flying up there for a two-week vacation starting this Sunday.

snabeltann.no/media/RHrXEFDnk7 snabeltann.no/media/7iox0w0tWg snabeltann.no/media/NhCyeCRES1 snabeltann.no/media/Wtq5NwBSnv

@thor Have a safe trip and a good vacation. 👍

@thor I'd swear the one with the boats was somewhere in the mediterranean, never would have guessed Norway. Nice photos btw!

@qwazix It's funny that you should say that. I went on a cruise in the eastern Mediterranean, and the least interesting part was the landscape, because it looked so ordinary to me.