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We live in a mad world now where things that happen on computers actually influence billions of people and get reported on in the media, and everyone carries a powerful Internet connected computer in their pocket at all times. We live in a world where presidents are on Twitter and where Mark Zuckerberg is held accountable for an election result. All of this was completely unimaginable to IT people only a few years ago.

@xj9 Didn't know what it was until I looked it up, so no. I hear about these mesh networks from time to time, but it's unclear to me what possible niche they can fill.

@thor depends, do you want to rent or own the internet?

@xj9 Seems like a very long game to play. You're in for a very long wait if you want to hit critical mass for something like that. Your average person off the street hasn't even heard of mesh networks, and I reckon you have to route most of the traffic in that network into one of the large trunks if people are using mostly ordinary websites, so what's the point? You're not going to own the crucial infrastructure that makes the Internet fast and global.

@thor @xj9 so you're saying it's not perfect, so why bother trying?

@hector @xj9 I'm saying it's bringing a knife to a gun fight. Knives are capable weapons, but that doesn't help you when faced with flying bullets. A force can only be stopped with an equal and opposite force.


yet here we are, having this conversation on fediverse, which couldn't possibly happen because #facebook and #twitter already won and there's no point in even trying to compete with something so huge.

> implying that we should build applications that require expensive global infrastructure to operate

@xj9 I don't actually see Mastodon as serious competition to the large social networks. Rather, it fills a niche. I'm not here because I'm convinced we're going to dethrone Facebook or Twitter. One part of me almost wants it to stay underground, because if everyone and their uncle signs up for it, all the cool people are going to get drowned out.

@xj9 That's a selfish wish, of course. It would be better if the giants fell, but I doubt Mastodon is going to be what kills them. Something is going to crop up in a completely unexpected place and disrupt them. That's how it always is. It comes out of the blue and turns everything upside down.


serious competition? no. not the point either. to survive a network only needs to hit critical mass to become self-sustaining. now that we have an alternative network built on different ideas, we can start bouncing these new kinds of ideas off of each other.

i don't think fedi is "better enough" to throw a wrench in the current status quo, but i *do* think whatever that something is could maybe emerge from the unique environment that we have here.