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I have one or two male relatives on Facebook with shocking attitudes towards women. I just saw a list that compared a woman to a ship. The first item? "Should be steered by a man." It was meant as humour, of course, but I found it vulgar and distasteful.

My former boss once invited me to a Facebook group full of dirty sexist jokes. The group was basically a safe space for male chauvenists. It made me uncomfortable and I left it.

Why this need to disrespect women? It's bizarre.

@thor You should tell your former boss that he's an asshole.

@ralph Don't worry. I did. Not for his attitudes towards women in particular, but I definitely let him know what I thought about him. There's a reason he's my former boss...

@thor I hypothesize it has to do with bullying mentalities and exercising power. Women are coded as weaker.

@thor I know what else should be steered by a man: his own freaking ego.
@xrevan86 @thor the
> What firstly should be steered by every human: his/her own freaking ego.
// fixed. I am sick and tired of such rude sexism from any side.

@staleg and you're right, it comes from both sides and is often disrespectful. Then again, it's our reaction to that, that dictated our feelings, not the words themselves. Doesn't make it any less douchy.

However if you want to know "why", I have some theories about the human psyche, I am happy to share.

@xrevan86 @thor

@chriswilson @xrevan86 @skoll3 @thor it may become very long story, so probably it would be glad to be cut on many parts. I'd be glad to read about it, even whether I'm not very good in English now. ('Just reminded, soon forgotten', from the Deep Purple.)